Variable amount Corps Fee

For those looking to pay their audition, housing or tour fees, please use the ‘Pay Tuition’ button on the right. You will be able to specify the amount you would like to pay.

(*Note: During the checkout process, please specify who the payment is being made for! This can be done in the “Notes/Comments” section on the last page of checkout. Your account may not be credited correctly if you do not specify which member the payment should be applied to.)

Make A Donation

As a non-profit youth arts organization, we rely heavily on support from our alumni, our community, and the kindness of drum corps fans from all over the world!

If you’re in a position to give and would like to support our program, we’d be more than happy to accept your tax-deductible donation to our organization.

Simply use the PayPal button at right and follow the instructions as you go. Thank you for your support!